Privacy & Transparency

Updated: May 2012

Our privacy principles: Respect, Fairness, Transparency, Empowerment
These principles govern our policies for browser and consumer data gathered and used by the Korrelate O2O™ platform.

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Our philosophy

Consumer data must be treated with care and respect: information practices must be fair, transparent and empower consumers to control data about themselves or their browser. We believe in solutions that protect consumer privacy while enabling efficient and effective online advertising to foster online services and innovation.

Key Points

  • We only produce reports, we don’t deliver or target advertisements.
  • We only collect non-personally identifiable data.
  • We have a proprietary method that allows us to merge non-personally identifiable data with offline data and summarize it “on-the-fly” to create reports. These reports can’t be tied back to a natural person or a specific online computer, cookie, etc.
  • We don’t share any data, except in the form of summarized reports.
  • You can opt out of analysis by visiting the Korrelate opt-out page.

Privacy policy for the Korrelate™ O2O™ platform

What we do

  • Korrelate collects data from web browsers: It is non-personally identifiable information about where an individual browser is seen on a given website and what ads are sent to that browser. We collect and aggregate this data to be used in our reports to advertisers and advertising agencies about their ad campaigns. We will keep this data in non-summarized form for no longer than 12 months.
  • We get data from third parties about the past actions seen by an individual browser based on web pages or sites visited. This data is aggregated into segments representing large numbers of browsers where a set of common characteristics is observed based on websites or web pages visited. For example, a visit by a browser to an automotive shopping site might result in that browser being assigned to an automotive shopping segment. We only use this data for analysis and research and never for advertisement or content targeting.
  • Korrelate has a proprietary method for bringing together offline consumer information and online browser activity that is designed to respect your right to privacy. Our technology makes it impossible for us to connect information from a browser or data from activities in the offline world to an actual user. This data is received and processed in way that ensures that consumer data and online browser data is not tied together until it has been fully and robustly de-identified (anonymized). We use this data to provide marketers with reports that help them understand the true impact of their online advertising. The data won’t and can’t be used to affect individual online advertising decisions because it can never be tied back to an individual nor can it be tied back to a specific online browser or a browser cookie. We will use the data in aggregate to help us understand which types of online browsing behaviors, websites, and/or online advertising techniques are most effective. Users can also choose to opt out of this attribution process by visiting the Korrelate opt-out page.

What we don’t do

  • We don’t collect or use personally identifiable information.
  • We don’t know who you are and our system is designed so that we can’t figure out who you are. We don’t collect, store or use your computer’s network address (IP address). We don’t collect data that could possibly be triangulated back to your identity (e.g., zip code and birth date). We also periodically evaluate and refine our data collection practices to further ensure that the data cannot be tied back to a specific individual.
  • We don’t collect sensitive data categories.
  • We do not deliver or target ads.
  • We never use online data that we or a third party collected about a browser to tailor or target online ads or content.
  • We never use online or offline data to inform individual decisions about ads or content served online.
  • We never share any individual browser data.

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